My 5-year old daughter could hear my father telling me to kill my sweet child. It was a never-ending nightmare. My father was a murderer. I thought he would leave us alone when he died but he was still haunting us, even in death. Now that he is crossed over,

I found you through a friend. My daughter was murdered 5 years ago and I knew she never crossed over. I knew this because I could see and sense her in my house. I kept telling her to go see her grandpa in Heaven, I hired 2 different shaman, a

I couldn’t figure out why I kept having suicidal ideation. Finally, after Laura crossed over the 17 relatives I had, who committed suicide, I no longer feel like killing myself!

For as long as I could remember, I have never been able to sleep at night. For decades, I had a ‘man’ who would stand at the foot of my bed. Every. Single. Night. One session with Laura and Tina and he is now gone, I sleep at night, and

After Tina cleared my house, the ghost no longer turned on the light for me. I was finally alone in my own home.