After Tina and Laura cleared our property, our entire family can now sleep at night.

I just want to say; you both appeared in my life exactly when I most needed teachers; the things I have learned from the books, shows and the classes has been absolutely invaluable. They changed my life and my karmic path for the better. I’m looking forward to seeing where

I want you ladies to know that I started listening to your on YouTube shortly after my brother passed away in a motorcycle accident. Not only is it lovely to see you live but you have no idea how much you have helped me learn spiritually to help ease the

Dear Madam, I am really thankful for the information you have shared in your books on karma etc. It was very enlightening. I  too have experienced these paranormal aspects in my life, courtesy my husband. Thanks for the quick response. I really appreciate. I am tremendously grateful to both of you

Ladies, I want to thank you for doing the past couple shows, just for me!!! LOL~ In all seriousness, I have been struggling with some real ugliness from my past and why I can’t change it. That was the lesson. Sometimes, in order to love, you must do it from