Jan 21

Caitlin C., WA -Email Review

I was lost and didn’t even realize it. I thought I was an atheist, I even married one.

Then I started listening to Ghost Helpers (previously, The Karmic Path) for over a year. I have listened to every show. They taught me things I thought were lost to me forever. They answered my questions patiently and helped me find my own answers.

I didn’t realize I never stopped believing in God, I had only given up seeking Him. My life has utterly changed. I left a rather challenging marriage, stopped smoking week and started following my dreams.

I feel the joy I thought naturally diminished after childhood. Like a full force of wonder and delight at an uncertain future.

Not the paranormal story, but most of the good bits are still unfolding. For now, I’ll just say, The Ghost Helpers are Soul Helpers. Thanks to them I feel alive.

Cathryn., C, WA

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