Jan 17

Sondra B., AL – Email Review

My family and I suffered for years due to a curse. The sickness took over my life, body and soul. I saw doctors at prestigious hospitals and universities around the country. The Doctors had no diagnosis for the severe muscle spasms that I was having all over my body, along with chronic fatigue. They treated me with chemotherapy infusions. I did get a little better for a little while. But I was literally killing myself. This was a 10 year cycle. I also went to healers, shamans and reiki practitioners for help with no relief. I made a post online and I was introduced to Laura. She saved my life and now I’m able to stop chemotherapy pills and infusions. Laura and Tina have been a life saver for me and my family. These ladies definitely know what they are doing. I am excited to keep learning from them and they are amazing. God Bless!

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