Oct 04

Carol Ann, CA – E-Mail Review

I was at my hairdressers recently and one of the other hairdressers asked me if I had more Crossing Over Prayer cards. I asked her if they were working for her and she shared this story.

“My ex-boyfriend Jay was murdered. We broke up way before he died but we stayed friends. But after he died he seemed to be around me all the time. I could feel him. So could his brother, he felt Jay constantly nearby. Carl, Jay’s brother would tell me about how bad they all felt – you know his whole family. They just never seemed to be able to stop grieving him and it’s been ten years now. I felt so helpless you know? I didn’t know what to do. And then when you came several months ago and brought those cards, I was curious, so I sort of, you now, talked to Jay and asked him to give me a sign if he wanted me to cross him over.

The next day, his brother Carl called me and told me saw Jay in a dream and he was suffering so much that he (Jay) couldn’t breathe and he was begging for help.

OMG Tina, I had chills when Carl told me this and I knew it was a sign that Jay did want to be crossed over. So, I took a deep breath and got out the card you gave me and said the prayer over and over and over. Then I asked Jay to give me a sign if he was ok, if the card worked.

Within I’d say, you now, about two days or so, Carl called me again, all excited, saying he saw Jay in a dream all happy, healthy and handsome. He seemed completely at peace.

That did it for me. I had those goose-bumpy chills all over again. It worked, the card REALLY worked. I’m a believer. I tell all my clients about this story. Finally, I now know what to do and I feel happy inside you know? I used to be so afraid of the idea of ghosts and it was not a good thing but now I know I can help them. Thank you.”

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