I’m so glad Laura helped me! She saved my life.  She helped me!  A complete stranger! I needed help crossing over my grandma.  I was crippled with grief. Not only did she help my grandma to go Home, but she also helped cross over a lot of other ghosts that

I was at my hairdressers recently and one of the other hairdressers asked me if I had more Crossing Over Prayer cards. I asked her if they were working for her and she shared this story. “My ex-boyfriend Jay was murdered. We broke up way before he died but we

Incredible thanks to Laura Van Tyne. I literally owe her my life. She reached out to me (a stranger) and has helped me for several months now in ways that are so over the top amazing for someone to do for someone they have never met before. She has taken

After Tina and Laura cleared our property, our entire family can now sleep at night.

I just want to say; you both appeared in my life exactly when I most needed teachers; the things I have learned from the books, shows and the classes has been absolutely invaluable. They changed my life and my karmic path for the better. I’m looking forward to seeing where