Thank you for the Crossing Over Prayer for Animals. The fires in Australia have devastated the entire eco system and so many animals have died. Their souls need help, too.  I believe the group I pulled together to help Australia helped, though they need more help as the devastation is

Ok….I do a lot of audible books. Ghost Stories from the Ghosts’ Point of View is simply AMAZING! Tina’s narration was absolutely perfect! Better than most! Her timing and cadence were spot-on! I listen to the whole book in one sitting never once  did I lose interest. She puts you

I was lost and didn’t even realize it. I thought I was an atheist, I even married one. Then I started listening to Ghost Helpers (previously, The Karmic Path) for over a year. I have listened to every show. They taught me things I thought were lost to me forever.

My family and I suffered for years due to a curse. The sickness took over my life, body and soul. I saw doctors at prestigious hospitals and universities around the country. The Doctors had no diagnosis for the severe muscle spasms that I was having all over my body, along

I’m so glad Laura helped me! She saved my life.  She helped me!  A complete stranger! I needed help crossing over my grandma.  I was crippled with grief. Not only did she help my grandma to go Home, but she also helped cross over a lot of other ghosts that